Being a teenage girl in the 21st century is challenging. An important parenting practice is good and effective communication. During adolescence, communication is vital as it changes from the type that parents used when your daughter was younger. Previous ways of communicating must be adjusted to accommodate the growing needs and abilities of your teen daughter. As your mother daughter relationship changes and matures, so must your communication.

While teens are gaining more independence, they still need love, guidance and to have fun with their parents. Teens who can talk with their parents have healthier relationships with them, make wiser choices, perform better in school and tend to avoid risky behaviors. Dr. Trevicia Williams, facilitates a fun way for moms and daughters to talk.

Research shows that 87% of teens say open communication with parents would help them postpone having sex. Yet, according to the Center for Disease Control, 52% of teens are having sex. Communication is the key. Healthy mother daughter relationships can also prevent issues like teen pregnancy, and, subsequently teen motherhood.

Dr. Trevicia Williams created Real Beauty Inside Out Healthy Mother Daughter Relationship Seminars as a way for mothers and their teen daughters to connect, build, bond and grow.

Through educational seminars and workshops for mothers and teen daughters, Dr. Williams emphasizes effective communication skills and healthy mother daughter relationships as ways to improve academic performance and prevent undesirable behavior. With Real Beauty Inside Out: A campaign to cultivate healthy mother-teen daughter relationships, and, thereby reduce teen pregnancies and a line of organic products to support the cause. From products to campaigns rallying women to get involved and make a difference in a teen’s life Real Beauty Inside Out is designed for that purpose.


“The mother daughter bond entails bequeathing intangibles such as emotional health, self esteem, and, subsequently, life satisfaction. The relationship is a foundation that enables daughters to express those emotions in other relationships through out life. Sensitivity, intelligence, creativity, a warm heart, a sense of accomplishment upon successfully achieving a goal, and, wisdom are all cultivated and nourished during a girl’s primal years” says Dr. Trevicia Williams