Raising Teen Girls

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3 Ways to Choose and Win Mother Daughter Battles

3 Ways to Choose and Win Mother Daughter Battles “She’s such a wonderful girl,” says Mrs. Brown. “I ‘ve watched her around  other children when I take her brother to pre-school  and as she’s playing with her younger relatives, and she’s amazing. Not to mention she’s so kind to her aunt and my parents. It’s hard for me …


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Helping teens make healthy decisions

Teenagers often make decisions on instinct. They do not think of the consequences that could result from their actions. They often lead a care-free life without thinking what could happen. Guiding teenagers into making good decisions can be very demanding on the parent. It requires you, as a parent, to be patient and flexible. It’s …


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Healthy mother daughter relationships

Healthy mother daughter relationships A mother and daughter bond is created while the daughter is still in the womb. It is as if the mother is making a special connection with her daughter for the nine months of pregnancy. There is a special bond that can never be replaced. It is not like any other …