Healthy mother daughter relationships

Healthy mother daughter relationships

Mother Daughter RelationshipsA mother and daughter bond is created while the daughter is still in the womb. It is as if the mother is making a special connection with her daughter for the nine months of pregnancy. There is a special bond that can never be replaced. It is not like any other relationship that the mother has ever experienced. The relationship between mother and daughter just happens on instinct. It is not something any mother could ever describe. Despite this natural bond, the relationship should be treated gently as any other relationship would be. Any woman can give birth to a mom, but motherhood requires love. Here are a few tips to have a healthy relationship with your teenager:


Provide Guidance: Show your daughter what it means to be respectable and kind. Most importantly, show her what it means to be a proper lady. You can teach her what it means to be a friend and how to choose good friends. Through your love and support, your daughter will learn about love and respect for others. When these components are missing the relationship with your daughter can suffer and even become dysfunctional.


Teach about outer beauty as well as inner beauty: Young girls idolize their mothers. They want to wear the fancy clothes  and make-up just like their mothers. They even want to wear the fancy jewelry. What young girls need to know is that inner beauty is just as important. Your daughter will respect you and idolize you more by doing so.


Allow for space: Teenage years can make or break a mother/daughter relationship. Your daughter will be making friends and begin coming into her own. She will push you away and insist that you are annoying. This is when hormones are setting in and it is a crucial time in her development. Let your daughter push you away. Give her the space, within reason, that she wants. It is normal, at this stage, for your daughter to want to spend more time with friends than with her parents. Don’t worry, if your relationship is loving and healthy, she will come back to you in a few years.


Be understanding: It is common for mothers to misunderstand their daughter’s behavior. Make sure to not take it too personal and remember that your daughter is going through a lot of changes in the teen years. Daughters may rebel and say things they do not really mean. This is mostly done out of frustration. Criticism from the parents can do serious damage to the self-worth of the child. It is best to keep in mind that your daughter does not understand that changes she is going through. Rest assured that life with your daughter gets easier as she gets older.

It is important to have a healthy relationship with your daughter. We learn how to love and show love through the love we receive. Damaged relationships can make for future relationships to suffer. There is good news in all of this. It is never too late to repair what was broken. It is possible to make amends, forgive or to just let go of the past.

Dr. Trevicia Williams